Luxurious Rose Quartz Eye Mask


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The Luxurious Rose Quartz Eye Mask.

This luxurious rose quartz eye mask is the first of its kind from an Australian brand. Its design is completely unique, offering the loving, soothing energetics of Rose Quartz in a relaxation encouraging eye mask. 

Intricately woven, this eye mask is made of pure rose quartz crystals. It has been thoughtfully designed to be worn over closed eyes and extends to gently touch temples. Renown as the love-stone, rose quartz is believed to encourage self-love, compassion and also reinstate trust in the heart. This mask has been carefully designed in order to create this luxurious piece, it is therefore ideal for those wanting to encourage greater relaxation at home, or add a different level to meditation and yoga practices.

This intricately woven mask is the ideal at-home self-care and relaxation ritual. However, it is easily transportable and small enough to be convenient for travel. If you are travelling or wish to take it with you to yoga class, the beautifully presented black, silk-lined Acupuncture Wellness Co. box is certainly ideal for storage and travel. We also recommend you use this black box for its daily storage, because the silk will optimise the care of the mask for long-term use.


The luxurious rose quartz eye mask is the perfect inclusion in your daily self-care routine. In the morning, it offers a refreshing way to wake your eyes. Its cool temperature helps clear puffiness and redness that can contribute to looking tired. This eye mask is the perfect addition to your meditation and yoga practice. Rest over closed eyes during shivashna or whilst meditating in order to encourage the heart calming offerings of rose quartz to nourish your heart and  may also contribute to a greater feeling of calm. As a night-time ritual, the rose quartz crystal mask can be used to encourage relaxation before bed. Rose quartz is often encouraged to be placed in the bedroom, because it is believed to assist in communication and also contribute to healing pre-existing relationships. 

Key benefits include:
  • Promotion of Qi and blood flow to the eye area.
  • Enhanced cellular renewal.
  • Detoxification.
  • Rid puffiness and dark circles.
  • Refresh the eyes.
  • Also, relax facial muscles to prevent creation of lines.

This mask also presses on several key acupuncture points, which are traditionally used to brighten the eyes, clear the sinuses and Yintang, the third eye centre, which is believed to encourage the re-connection of mind and body. It is used to establish an important feeling of grounding and also inner-calm.

If you are looking to add a new depth of relaxation and a little bit of luxury to your self-care, meditation, yoga or night time routine – this beautiful mask is the ultimate gift to yourself. We created this gift with the idea that it is timeless and therefore never need replacing. 

We suggest using the luxurious Rose quartz eye mask for up to twenty minutes per day. 

Acupuncture Wellness Co.

Acupuncture Wellness Co. is proud to extend our signature range of natural health products with this unique eye mask. It combines our passion for energetic crystal influence with our emphasis on relaxation and emotional balance. We believe that when you feel nourished and aligned, you are better able to not only nourish others, but also that that your happiness in contagious and, above all, we love to contribute to this flow. We offer Chinese medicine, acupuncture and holistic facial treatments from our clinic in Newtown, and a variety of Pop Up clinics internationally. Acupuncture Wellness Co. is proud to introduce this natural beauty, wellbeing and relaxation experience to Australia. 

As featured in Spa+Clinic magazine here.

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