Fertility Organic Tea Bags


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Fertility Organic Tea Bags

This tea has been created by Love Tea’s in house naturopath, Emma. Emma selected this blend of organic herbs, in order to help support natural conception and increase your fertility potential. It features red clover, chaste tree and raspberry leaf. Because these herbs have traditionally been used to support hormonal balance. They are also used to help regulate the menstrual cycle and also support reproductive health. This delicate blend offers a softly sweet and earthy flavour, with subtle tones of refreshing mint.

This Fertility blend was designed to help regulate the menstrual cycle and assist with natural conception. It offers a natural alternative prior to attempting IVF treatment. We do not recommend using this blend in conjunction with IVF treatment. Because the effects on the hormonal system may interfere with the treatment, at a time when hormones must be strictly controlled and monitored.

Caution; This blend is not recommended for women with elevated prolactin levels, or hypertension.

However, if you become pregnant, we recommend you discontinue drinking this tea.

This blend is naturally caffeine free.


Certified Organic Ingredients:
Chaste tree berry, peppermint, licorice root, shativari, raspberry leaf, red clover, nettle leaf


India, Egypt and also Hungary.


Acupuncture Wellness Co. is a Chinese Medicine clinic. We offer acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine treatments. We specialise in cosmetic acupuncture and women’s health. Dr Hannah Watson has previously worked alongside IVF specialists in order to assist with IVF. There is a mounting body of evidence to suggest that acupuncture can be beneficial when used in conjunction with IVF. You can book online via our online booking system here. 

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