Pregnancy Support

Acupuncture is a safe, natural treatment that can be used throughout your pregnancy to support the health of you and your baby. 

This marvellous milestone can be accompanied by symptoms such as nausea, sciatica, back ache, headaches and indigestion. Acupuncture offers you a natural treatment alternative to resotre balance and assist your through this incredible period of growth.

Acupuncture has a naturally calming effect upon your nervous system, which has been found to aid in the lowering of stress hormones. 

Pregnancy Support.

Acupuncture can be used to assist in a wide range of pregnancy related condiitions and offers a safe, natural alternative treatment. Acupuncture can also be useful to lessen the discomfort that is often beleived to be a normal part of pregnancy.

Acupuncture has been used in the treatment of:

Miscarriage  Threatened miscarriage. Early pregnancy supportive care. 

Nauses and vomiting. Hemoorrhoids and constipation. Headaches and migraines.

Musculo skeletal complaints such as back ache, sciatic pain. Fatigue.

Anxiety and depression. Itching in pregnancy. Hypertension.  Gestational diabetes.

Breech and posterior positioning. Preperation for medical induction.

Prebirth acupuncture to prepare the body for labor.  Postpartum restoration.


Morning Sickness.

Nausea in pregnancy can be experienced durign any time of the day, and may ebb and flow throughout the pregnancy. Acupuncture offers a natural treatment to assist in the management of nausea in pregnancy. 

In Chinese medicine, this nausea can arise from a variety of causes. We carefully assess you and your symptoms to differentiate exactly what kind of treatment it is that you need at this time. Acupuncture treatments aim to strengthen the energetic function of the digestive function and restore harmony. 


As you approach the end of your pregnancy, there is a focus that is placed upon the positioning of your baby. Ideally, bubs should position him or herself head down in preperation for labor.

If this hasn’t happened, we offer gentle acupuncture treatments to encoourage your baby to turn, and to stay head down. The use of acupuncture and herbs are used during this calming treatment.

To allow us to assist you in optimising positioning and prepare you for labor, please book online. Ideally, this is treated from 34-36 weeks, however, research has shown that treatment can assist as late as 40 weeks. 

Natural Induction of Labor.

Labor induction treatments are administered with acupuncture to encourage one’s energy to move down and encourage contractions to begin. This treatment is gentle on you and baby, and works strongly with your bodies energy system. Treatment are administered according to your constitution and pregnancy history. Key points may be used to ripen the cervix, optimise positioning for labor, enhance oxytocin and promote your stamina in preperation of labor.