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Acupuncture to support your IVF treatment

Research has repeatdly shown that acupuncture results in greater IVF outcomes.

Acupuncture treatment around the time of embryo transfer has been shown to increase pregnancy rates.

Acupuncture treatments before and after IVF transfer were shown to result in success rates of 42.5% vs. 26.3%, based on clinical pregnancy rates.

Beyond the initial confirmation of pregnancy, acupuncture at the time of embryo transfer was fouond to significantly increase  live birth rates.

How can Acupuncture help endometrial lining?

For the embryo to be able to implant, the endometrial lining needs to be of appropriate thickness and receptive to the embryo. The thickness of the endometrial lining needs to be of appropriate thickness, and also needs to be trilaminar (triple layer) in appearance.

Implantation, clinical and ongoing pregnancy rates are significantly increased if the endometrialling thickness is adequate. Clinincal pregnancy and live birth rates increase linearly with increasing thickness of the endometrium even after adjusting for age and embryo quality.

A 2012 meta-analysis found that acupuncture during IVF significantly increases clinical pregnancy rates and live birth rates. The effect is more signifcant if acupuncture is administered during the ovarian stimulation phase, and not just at embryo transfer. Patients who received acupuncture treatment during the stimulation phase of an IVF cycle were found to have a significantly thicker endometrial lining, compared to those who didn’t recieve acupuncture; 10.2mm vs. 8.5mm. They also has statistically significant greater number of retrieved eggs; 8 vs. 6.

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