Cosmetic Acupuncture Geelong

cosmetic acupuncture geelong

Cosmetic Acupuncture rid lines and tone facial muscles

with our one hour signature treatment.

Boost skin elasticity, reset facial muscles

and deeply nourish with this blissful

crystal infused treatment.


Ideal for those wanting to naturally

boost collagen, and create a subtle toned

and refreshed appearance.


Featuring Acupuncture Wellness Co.’s signature

rose quartz gua sha tool and orgnaic serum for a facial as

hydrating as it is calming.


Cosmetic Acupuncture offers you the benefits of a traditional

acupuncture treatment, including calming the central nervous system

and lowering stress hormones, while encouraging a

natural anti-inflammatory effect.


This is your answer to maintining youthful, natural appearance, that allows your natural beauty to shine. A holistic approach to ageing, that supports the entire scope of your health. Perfect for those who are looking for a natural alternative to maintaining healthy skin and a refreshed appearance. 

We offer treatment packages for those wanting to focus on their key areas of concern, or for those wanting fast results. Package information availible by request, via email.

    Gua Sha facial geelong

    Treatment features:

    Qi-induction acupressure, double cleanse facial massage.

    Jade and rose quartz rollers to lift and smooth.

    Key acupuncture points to lift, tone and relax.

    Facial acupuncture, to plump your key areas of concern.

    Gua Sha from the declotage up, encompassing the entire face to

    encourage lymphatic drainage, sculpt, clear redness,

    accumulations and dark circles.

    We feature organic products in this facial.


    60 minute Geelong Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment: $220


    For all you need to recreate this experience at home, find our signature

    Gua Sha and organic serums in our online shop here.

    cosmetic acupuncture geelong
    cosmetic acupuncture geelong